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Zen Divorce TV

Zen Divorce TV


What is Zen Divorce TV?  Well, let me explain.

As you may already know, I'm a divorce coach and I support people through the divorce process. I help you get the paperwork in order, consider your options, help you with the practical stuff and help you understand and be able to deal with your emotions effectively.

But here's the thing.  There are some things that I can't do, that I know would be of great help to you.

I've been to many network groups this year and I've met some lovely experts who I wish I had know when I was going through my divorce.

People who teach Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong.  I know this helps de-stress physically and mentally, as I go to classes myself.

People who can tell you what style and colours to wear so that when you need to do that bit of retail therapy, you feel and look more confident with your purchase.

People who can help you find that quirky mortgage, when you're just about getting your finances sorted and you need just that little bit more.

People who can help you if you have sleepless nights or you're feeling depressed.

People who can help you remember to eat - and eat the right foods!  

People who can help you make sure you're legally protected.  And so many more, generous, lovely people who are helping others all the time. 

This set me wondering.  How I could bring them all together. How we could reach you?

And then it dawned on me!  I love to chat to people and I'm always curious about what they do and how they do it. So I set up the YouTube Channel - Zen Divorce TV - where I'll be hosting conversations with all these people - and many more - who can help you feel calmer, happier, more confident, and most of all, we'll have some fun!

There will be a new video released each week, so Click here to watch my video introduction and subscribe. Oh and please like and share if you like what you see!

It may be that you're not going through a divorce yourself, but perhaps know someone who is.  Someone who is thinking about it. Someone who has come through it. So even if it's not you, I'd love it if you would share this post. 


Margaret Yates survived a traumatic divorce herself, trained as a family lawyer and subsequently became a life coach and Master NLP practitioner. Her mission is to help you step back and think before you take the final step of ending your marriage. And if you decide that divorce is the way forward, to support you through the process. 


You can find out more about how Margaret helps people at



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