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The Sun, the Moon and Divorce

Kia Ora!  Welcome!   


You probably know that Kia Ora is Maori for “Hello”.  I used to think it was the name of a brand of orange squash back in the day! 


So what have the Maoris got to do with divorce you may be asking?


Well, the Maori’s are great story-tellers and Storytelling has an important place in their culture.  


As in many cultures, originally no written language existed and all information and knowledge could only survive if passed down from one generation to another.   Legends were made and myths created. In fact, storytelling had an important place in most cultures before the written word. Some of these stories have been lost to all time, but some have made it through. 



In this video, I’m talking to Ghislaine Walker of Twisting the Tale. Ghislaine tells a Maori story about the Sun and the Moon.  This story can help children understand that although their parents now live apart, they are still loved deeply by both of them.  


If you don’t have children or your own children are now adults, do watch the video anyway. You may come across someone who is struggling to help their children through the divorce and separation process and you’ll be able to help. 



Margaret Yates survived a traumatic divorce herself, trained and worked as a family lawyer and subsequently became a life coach and Master NLP practitioner.


Her mission is to help you step back and think before you take the final step of ending your marriage. And if you decide that divorce is the way forward, to help you save money and support you through the process. 


You can find out more about how Margaret helps people at

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