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How Psychological Flossing can Help you Heal 

Broken relationships and loss - I’ve suffered a few.  Some I’ve got over pretty quickly, but others had a devastating effect upon my life at the time.  The whole rejection thing, feeling unloved, the huge sense of loss as I sprialled down into that black hole of despair.  You know the one, you’ve probably been down there yourself.  And then there was the actual physical pain - I particularly remember an occasion when I felt part of my soul was wrenched from my body. It hurt. 


Not knowing how to resolve this emotional and physical hurt and be at peace with yourself can cause problems for you in the future. It can affect how you interact with others and, more importantly, it can affect your health and how you interact with yourself. 


You may be finding it difficult to start a new relationship because all this stuff is playing in the background, or you may have reluctantly decided that it’s safer to keep single. But you know, it doesn’t have to be that way.   There are NLP techniques that I use in my work with clients that can help tremendously in this area.  However, I’m always open to hear how someone else works and what tools they use to help their clients in similar situations. 


In this video, I’m speaking with Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz.  Andrew is a Psychotherapist and Spiritual Energy Healer and works with the Soul - our Innermost Essence - that guides us. 



Andrew Wayfinder and Margaret Yates


Andrew says that betrayal, rejection and loss can have a big impact, as can past life events and traumas, and can cause your Soul to go into hiding for self-protection. You can even be born with some of yourself missing as experiences from previous lifetimes can cause you to behave in a certain way. As you heal and remove those connections, you become more yourself than you’ve every been. 


Andrew has had his share of betrayal and loss too, but he has also found true love, his soul mate.  He’ll tell you more about this in the video.  And he has a generous free download, which you can listen to and discover:

  •  3 ways to stop break-up or rejection pains right away…
  •  What’s your ‘love cycle?  Know what to do to find a lasting, loving relationship….
  • A powerful energy healing to let the past go and get ready for new love….


You’ll find the link for the download at the end of the video.

And what does "psychological flossing" mean? Watch the video and Andrew will explain all!



 Click here to watch video


Margaret Yates survived a traumatic divorce herself, trained and worked as a family lawyer and subsequently became a life coach and Master NLP practitioner.


Her mission is to help you step back and think before you take the final step of ending your marriage. And if you decide that divorce is the way forward, to help you save money and support you through the process. 


You can find out more about how Margaret helps people at

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