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Feelings are like visitors.  They come and they go. 

One day we can be feeling on top of the world, and the next, down in the dumps.

It would be great to feel happy and positive all the time, wouldn't it?  

Or would it?  Because if we never felt unhappy or negative, perhaps we wouldn't appreciate it when we were happy?  An interesting point don't you think? The yin and the yang, heaven and hell. I think it's all about balance. 

I believe it's unusual for people to feel happy and fulfilled all of the time. Negativity kicks in at some stage because our brain is hardwired to protect us in that way. (More about the technical stuff in another blog to come!)  We all receive a curve ball from time to time. Feelings come and feelings go.  Positive people tend to have a strategy to deal with the negative stuff as it comes in.

If you had someone turn up to visit that you knew you needed to see but you really didn't like, you wouldn't let them stay very long would you?  You'd probably find out what it was they had come to see you about, deal with it and then engineer their leaving at the first available opportunity?  

Say your ex comes to pick up the children at the weekend. You acknowledge he's got to come and pick them up for contact, but you probably don't want the him hanging around for any longer than it takes to say hi, pick up the kids and leave. In fact, you can't wait to shut the door!  

OK, well the same goes for negative feelings. The trick is to acknowledge them, deal with them and let them go.  If you don't, they'll keep on and on.

Just silence them by acknowledging them and accepting that they are trying to help you. Think about the lesson they are trying to teach you. What are they trying to protect you from?  Thank them for the lesson and then let them go.  There are various ways you can do this, one of which is to imagine them being surrounded in a beautiful coloured light - you can choose the colour - and being transformed into something beautiful, perhaps a butterfly or an angel and just floating away, far away into the distance and out of sight.





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Thanks for your tip, Margaret. Next time I'm on a downer I'll visualise those negative feelings surrounded by beautiful coloured light as you advise. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

By Claudia Crawley on Saturday, June 10, 2017

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