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Farzana Naz - Divorce Myths


When I was working as a family lawyer, I came across many of what can only be described as “divorce myths”.  

So what do I mean by “divorce myths”?

You’ve probably heard of some of them, and maybe you can tell fact from fiction (or myth) or maybe not.  

For example:

  • You’re soon to be ex tells you that they are entitled to 50% of everything in the marriage……Are they?
  • You’re soon to be ex tells you that they’ll get everything because of your behaviour during the marriage…….will they?
  • Your soon to be ex tells you that they don’t want a divorce, and if they don’t sign the paperwork it won’t go ahead… that right?

If you’re thinking about divorce, or going through it,  it’s useful to know facts.  Because if you know facts, you’ll know how to separate facts from fiction when others try and tell you their version of what they think will happen.  

What happened in someone else’s divorce won’t necessarily happen in yours.  I don’t encourage getting into an argument over it.  Let them think what they think. That’s their business.  You’ll feel more confident about your position if you know the facts. 

I’ve been talking to Farzana Naz, Head of Family Law at Saracens Solicitors about some of these myths and more. 

 Click on the link below to go through and watch the video so you’ll be able to tell fact from fiction. 

And if you’re not going through divorce yourself, it’s still useful to check this out because you never know who you might meet who really needs to know and you’ll be able to help them. 


Margaret Yates survived a traumatic divorce herself, trained as a family lawyer and subsequently became a life coach and Master NLP practitioner. Her mission is to help you step back and think before you take the final step of ending your marriage. And if you decide that divorce is the way forward, to support you through the process. 

You can find out more about how Margaret helps people at

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