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Should I stay or should I go?

Deciding whether to end your marriage is one of the biggest life changing decisions you’re likely to make. A part of you feels terrified to take the giant leap and begin the process, whilst the other part of you is just as fearful to remain.

contemplating divorce

Coaching before Divorce

Ending a marriage can be tough. And the longer you were married the more distressing it can be.

However, living with indecision can be much tougher. And the longer you live with it, the more likely it is to take it’s toll on your health, your work and your life in general. You’ve probably talked your situation through again and again with your friends and perhaps you’ve even spoken to your family too. They’ve all given you their opinion. But still you haven’t taken any action.

Indecision is like wanting to drive away in your car with your foot on the accelerator and leaving the handbrake on. We’ve all done it at some stage! But you quickly realise what’s happened, release the handbrake and the car moves forward.

Imagine though if you didn’t release the handbrake. You're revving and revving the engine, but not getting anywhere. If you continue revving the car without removing the handbrake, eventually the car will start shaking, the engine will be straining and start to smell of burning metal. It’s likely to stall if you don’t remove the handbrake and pull away. The conflict between moving and not moving.

Are any of the following statements true for you?

  • We are like ships that pass in the night
  • My husband only pays attention to me
    when he wants sex
  • We haven’t been out on a date in years
  • He doesn’t care about anyone but himself
  • We’re always rowing
  • I feel I’m alone in this marriage
  • My husband is no longer my friend.

You may have answered “yes” to some or all of them.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that divorce is your only answer. Take a step back and really think things through before you make your final decision.



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