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What is Divorce Coaching?

When you are going through divorce, you need a great support team. You don't have to do it alone.

A Divorce Coach helps you manage your divorce with clarity and direction. By providing a private, non-judgmental space for you to get clear on your options, learn how to handle your emotions, demystify all that paperwork and focus towards a positive outcome for the future.

What might I need help with?

Here are some of the issues you that you may need help with:

  • Understanding how the divorce process works and if it’s right for you at this point in time
  • Identifying options available to you now and your long term outcomes
  • Finding resources to help you with housing, finances, parenting, legal issues
  • Managing paperwork
  • Finding a lawyer
  • Setting boundaries
  • Getting clear on your outcomes
  • Coping after emotional conversations
  • Managing your feelings and emotions
  • Communicating in a way that reduces confrontation
  • If you have children, understanding how divorce will affect them and helping them cope.
  • Support with the challenges of transition into your new life
  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Communicating effectively with your ex spouse




How can you help me?

Imagine what it would be like if you had someone to personally support you every step of the way whichever stage in your divorce journey you are at.

What if you could get more clarity on your current situation and the practical opportunities open to you?

How would it be if you could get more control over your life and know what steps to take next?

What would it be like if you became more confident and able to make the right choices no matter what life may dish up going forward?

As your divorce coach, I help you deal with the emotional roller coaster and demands on your time on going through divorce. I help you reduce the stress and anxiety that divorce can have on you and those surrounding you.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space for you to let off steam, consider your options, make choices and plan for your future. I can help you manage your emotions so you can respond rather than react to communications from your soon to be ex.

I’ll be there to encourage you every step of the way

How does it work?

Although you may not have control over whether you get divorced, you can choose how you approach it. And you can choose to plan your decisions rather than feel your are being forced into a situation that’s out of control.

I’ll provide you with the structure and resources you need to regain a sense of control and confidence and how to be your best self.

Working together, we’ll develop a plan that takes you through the divorce process efficiently, less expensively, focussing on the future.

For more information on how I can help, see the following:


Whether you are just thinking about it, in the middle of or at the end of your divorce, I’ll use my extensive expertise to help you:

  • Prepare for each new step in the process
  • Find the right legal and/or financial support
  • Save you money by working through issues that don’t require a lawyer
  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which you can openly discuss your feelings
  • Communicate effectively so you remain credible
  • Manage the maze of paperwork
  • Create strategies that enable you to respond to provocation with integrity
  • Lessen the impact of divorce on your children
  • Make decisions and choices that you’ve made on an informed basis, rather than feeling you’ve been forced into it.

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